RojasCapes FAQ

Below are a list of some commonly asked questions I get from my customers, if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

How much does it cost?

Price calculator shows prices for all 50+ Ranged accounts including 1-31 Prayer builds aswell, for Ironman accounts contact live chat support or add me on Discord/skype to discuss pricing.

How does the service work?

A firecape service will be done by providing details of your account, this is a must. You must provide gear for any 37+ prayer firecape, if 1-31 prayer firecape I will provide all gear Necasarry to complete your quest .

For mini-games you will provide all neccasarry items to complete the service (Food,weapon,gear). Everything is hand done.

Has anyone been banned using your service?

No, noone has been banned using my service, everything I offer is hand-done, never use of bots.

If you are afraid of a RWT, you can always pay with BTC.

Do I have to remove my authenticator?

For 1-31 prayer orders authenticator has to be removed and it’s not negotiable.

For 37+ Prayer orders authenticator must be removed as well

For Mini-game services authenticator must be removed and it's not negotiable.

Updates will be given when requested

Do you require my Bank Pin?

Bank pin is not required for any service I provide.

What happens if you fail or die?

You’re paying for guaranteed cape, if for any reason I fail due to disconnects,lag,etc I will redo with my own supplies without any extra charge.

Do you get a jad pet on my cape do I have to pay extra?

No, getting a Jad pet on my service is no extra charge.

Although, tips are always welcome :D

What payment methods do you take?

For all services I provide, I only accept either 07-gp or BTC. (Ask for BTC address if you decide to pay with BTC)

Although, tips are always welcome :D

How Will i know when the service is completed?

I will contact you directly once the service is completed, if a firecape i will send a screenshot of your completed cape.

Although, tips are always welcome :D

Terms of Service


You will pay up front unless you are very trusted

You will not attempt to log on the account while I am doing the service

No refunds will be issued in the event that you log in during the service or tell me not to complete the service after payment

I am not be held responsible for any bans/mutes/hacks during/after the service

Remove all wealth off the account before I start the service

You will change password after service


I am not responsible for any bans/mutes that occur after the service. My service is hand done, thus a ban would not be because of me.

All payment must be paid up front.

No refunds will be issued in the event that you log in during the service or tell me not to complete the service after I have been paid.

You must not login during the duration of the order. If you need to login for any reason, you must notify me and have my permission.

You must remove any items and/or wealth that are not essential to the service from the account before I begin.


You will pay first.

I am the original owner of all accounts.

Once the account has been given to you I will not refund any payment given.

If the account gets banned I am not responsible in any way shape or form

I am not HELD responsible for any bans/mutes/hacks after selling it to you, all accounts were created by hand, never botted.

You may not use my name to resell the account.

You may not resell the account.